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the sun was in my eyes
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dat pout

(ps olivia, i looked rank in my selfie with reva so you got to be posted hahahah)
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it’s waitangi day and i’m missin’ school okay so here’s a maths selfie wit ma gurl breezeo x0 (soz i’m moving btw lol)
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i think i have a bung eye??????
o well
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holy fkn shit i got an instax mini 90 :))
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telephone booth from the mother country lol
it doesn’t even work
but the swag is strong
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morning yo
goin shopping with olivia
we’re proper white girls
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my parents are out tonight, you know what that means..
better quality selfies on my mum’s ipod!!
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look i was on the news lookin like a cock at the santa parade
with annie
sorry annie lol
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forget ur ballz in grow a pair of titz
it’s hard out here 4 a bitCH
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outfit for richard o’brien’s tran in black halloween show tonight :~)
i’m so so so excited, holy shittt
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i got my tragus done, bitches. thanks to hannah hahahah.
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best friend by hayley-mccarthy on Polyvore

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